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About Teb Ozel Digital Museum About Teb Ozel Digital Museum
With our new projects we continue adapting ourselves to the changing and developing world, responding to the effects of digital transformation in our lives with our innovative ideas.

About Us

The museum’s collections, exhibitions and education programs aim to make art appealing to visitors from all backgrounds and turning them into active participants.

As TEB ÖZEL Bankacılık, the first implementers of Private Banking in Turkey,  we continue sharing with our clients our experience and expertise in asset management since 1989.


We believe every collection has a story. This is why, via TEB ÖZEL Digital Museum, we aim at presenting the stories of long hidden artworks in the collectors’ own words to all art enthusiasts in the digital world, thus inspiring the emerging collector and contributing to the development of collectorship in Turkey.


Knowing the great responsibility we have in building awareness for our country’s extraordinary artistic heritage, we also aim to carry this awareness further. With our belief that every collection is another universe, we are excited to have built this platform for education in collectorship and thus contributing to a better understanding of the value of collecting in Turkey.


We are proud to introduce TEB ÖZEL Digital Museum to our respectable art enthusiasts, the first digital museum platform in Turkey.


You may send us all your questions and views about TEB Özel Digital Museum via our contact form.